Lee Copp

A Self Taught Multitalented Individual
Founder of Artificial Geek, Thirteen and Badass Ape.

Lee Copp has a curiosity for knowledge. Not only that but believes only hard work will get you to where you want to be. He’s far from selfish as he helps the unfortunate percentage of computer users achieve their ambitions on and off the internet.

He has a passion for networking, enjoys connecting and sharing ideas with other inspiring individuals. If you ever need anything done, Lee will put his own spare time aside to complete a goal. Team player and a unique personality.

From being the funny guy behind the firewall to an aspiring actor. Lee is driven to put his self out there in more ways than one. Always willing to take part in the next opportunity that comes along.

When Lee isn’t working on his online projects you can catch him outside at night stargazing into the ever-expanding universe, pondering on so many unanswered questions.

Space Geek to Artificial Geek, He is the founder of multiple sites online plus a rising internet entrepreneur. P.S. Interested in working together on a project? Let me know.



Six years of WordPress experience can help you create awesome websites, optimise WordPress performance, and migrate and set up WordPress.

lee copp web design

Web Design

Using cutting-edge technology, build a world-class website to propel the company forward.

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Increase the company’s organic scope by ranking higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

lee copp digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Working on my own personal projects for ten years has accelerated my knowledge of digital marketing. I’ve learned everything from affiliate marketing to email marketing. 

lee copp graphic design logo design

Graphic and Logo Design

I began by designing my own company and website logos, which led me to work with some high-profile Twitch streamers on gamer logos. Do you have a design concept? Feel free to contact me.

Other Skills


lee copp astronomer

Amatuer Astronomer


lee copp computer geek

Tech Guru


Artificial Geek
2017 to Present

Artificial Geek is a blog that covers Windows and Linux How-To tutorials, tips, and the latest tech news.

Founder/Web Designer 100% Logo Website Logo Lee Copp Thirteen 13 Black XIII 200 x 200

2020 to Present

Thirteen has evolved into an inspiring business and lifestyle blog.

Founder/Web Designer 92%
UltimateFacts Lee Copp Project

Ultimate Space News
2020 to Present

Ultimate Space News does just as it says on the tin. Provides all space debris data from around the globe.

Founder/Web Designer 91%

Artificial Gamer
2020 to Present

Artificial Gamer is a news website that keeps readers up to date with the latest gaming news from around the world.

Founder/Web Designer 90%
Space Geek Logo New Logo 512 x 512

Space Geek
2020 to Present

Space Geek is the ultimate website for all space enthusiasts. A space-themed WooCommerce store.

In Development
Founder/Web Designer 56%

Less Meat More Veg
2020 to Present

Less Meat More Veg is designed to help people live a more healthier lifestyle.

Founder/Web Designer 79%
Bad Ass Ape Logo Website 400 x 400

Secret Project #1
2021 to Present

In Development
Founder/Web Designer 73%

Secret Project #2
2021 to Present

In Development
Founder/Web Designer 50%

Secret Project #3
2021 to Present

In Development
Founder/Web Designer 64%


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