The Depressing Mind By Lee Copp

The Depressing Mind

The mind can be a powerful place. It can split you from your personality without you even knowing. It can lead you into a never-ending abyss of hopelessness, loneliness, anxiety, numbness, low self-esteem, and guilt. Because of this, we interpret the world around us like this. Further through life, the bigger the abyss gets and the harder it is for you to live a normal life. I heard a story about depression as a black dog, for me it’s more like a giant, 20x the size of me, living in the shadows waiting to tear me down at every moment. You look ugly, no one’s going to like you, you’ll never be perfect. In the end (from personal experiences), you’ll find yourself at the bottom of that abyss, where you’ll be ready to attempt suicidal actions. This is solely my interpretation of depression, but remember, once you’ve hit the bottom, there is nothing left to do, but start walking through a new tunnel.

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