Worry Poem (Working Title) – By Lee Copp

Worry Poem (Working Title)

On the outside I look like I’m functioning,

But on the inside, I’m malfunctioning,

The vibrations of my heart pounding rapidly

My breathing slowly moving out of sync

Fixated on the beat, a panic attack is increasingly linked,

Trapped in a bubble, with the thoughts of suffocation,

The lack of oxygen has me fearing brain affixation.

No one around to help me through this panic attack

Alone and in an abyss of my own, everything seems black,

Individually strong I try to fight back,

Remembering the techniques, I learned from a panic attack hack,

My focus returns to breathing…in…hold…out,

I calmly come back to Earth, with a whole different insight,

Enjoy life as an adventure,

As your one of Earth’s creatures,

Life is too short, to sit back and worry,

Live it to the fullest, but not in a hurry.

Everyone’s contrasting, but we are all equal individuals,

Colour, religion, age, make us who we are,

So, eradicate the evil that defines these stereotypes,

And embrace and be grateful, for every little moment your given,

As this can quickly be taken, as we found out in 2020,

Believe in yourself, so you can finally be a strong and powerful entity,

If you haven’t already, start a new chapter in your life story,

As life is to short, to sit back and worry.

By Lee Copp

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